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Steps to install ReFoxXII  DEMO

1. download  ReFoxXII files

download ReFox_INSTALL_demo

ReFox is not malware (no matter what your antivirus says),
if there is any problem downloading zip,
try alternate links:
- rxii-demo-en.rar
- rxii-demo-en.7z
- download and save the .zip archive to your local disk
- do not unpack it directly from the browser
- check the filesize after download
- unblock the compressed archive
  [  see details  ]
- ReFox activation does not require admin privileges
- all steps must be done under the account of ReFox's user


the demo cannot be converted to full version,
you will receive the link for full version after purchasing ReFox

2. create new special folder for ReFox
(e.g. "C:\ReFox XII
- do not install ReFox into common folder, desktop etc.)
in your AV define an exception for this folder to exclude it from scanning

  and extract all files in the archive into this folder.


3. run setup program SET.ReFox.exe to install ReFox
- in case of any problems, see

FIX for some possible problems

- program doesn't start or fails
- virus warning
- program violation
- problem with help file


4. read the EULA
 and confirm the agreement.


5. fill out your details in the form


do not change the field  'Serial Number'
modify the fields 'User name' and 'Company' if necessary


Copyright 1992-2020 by Jan Brebera, ComPro (CZ)
ReFox is a property of its author - Jan Brebera
Jan_Brebera is the holder of all rights relating to ReFox