ReFox Help - keyboard


main screen

Ctrl+T directory tree <more>
Ctrl+Alt+T tree position <more>
Ctrl+Q quickview <more>
Ctrl+N new folder <more>
Ctrl+Alt+N new folder system dialog <more>
Backspace parent directory = CD .. <more>
Escape exit ReFox  
+ selection dialog <more>
Ctrl + select all  
Alt + all files with the same extension  
Ctrl Mouse select  
- deselect  
* invert selection  
/ restore selection  
(Shift+)Del delete file/folder <more>
Ctrl+F file filter <more>
Ctrl+R refresh screen <more>
Ctrl+S search file <more>
Ctrl+Alt+S previous search  
Ctrl+O options and settings <more>
Ctrl+W messages window  
Ctrl+Alt+F modify font  
Ctrl+E Windows Explorer  
Ctrl+Alt+E alternative File Manager  

Compiled files viewer

Ctrl+S save as ...
Ctrl+D details
Ctrl+F find 
Ctrl+L / F3 find 
Ctrl+G goto l
Ctrl+A select 

Text files viewer

Ctrl+H hex view
Ctrl+F find text
Ctrl+L / F3 find next
Ctrl+G goto line
Ctrl+A select all
Ctrl+C copy

Hex viewer

Ctrl+E hex edit
Ctrl+F find hex
Ctrl+L / F3 find next
Ctrl+G goto hex addr

APP viewer

Ctrl+S split and regeneration
Ctrl+E extract components
Ctrl+F find text
Ctrl+O options and settings
Ctrl+D details

Table viewer

Ctrl+H hex view
Ctrl+R record view
Ctrl+I header info
Ctrl+F find text ...
Ctrl+Y append new record
Ctrl+T toggle deletion mark
Ctrl+L / F3 find next

Record viewer

Ctrl+E edit
Ctrl+F find text
Ctrl+G goto record
Ctrl+L / F3 find next
Tab table view