ReFox Help - makefile

ReFox can also be controlled externally by a .MAK file and passing this filename as a parameter when starting ReFox.
ReFox returns ExitCode=1 if any problem detected when processing makefile.


This command line use allows, for example, the application branding to be automated without user intervention, so it can be included into a batch process or launched from from Visual FoxPro.

Makefile commands:

set <option>=<value>
 - branding level III options,  - see setting for more information

- decompilation

split [0|1|2]
- separation and regeneration

compare [text]
- comparison

brand [1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 or i | i+ | ii | ii+ | iii or A] [{JCAL | LZMA | ZLIB}:N/N]
 - protection of selected level,  - see setting for more information

pwd password
- password

plb password
- password .PLB

input X:\dir_1\...\dir_n\
- input (source) directory

output X:\dir_1\...\dir_n\
- output (target) directory

- input = home, output = target

ver [ 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 ]

- Visual FoxPro version

files filename.ext
- filemask (e.g. T*.exe)

- ReFox works in background

wait [”message”]
- stop and show message

echo [ON | OFF]
- display the commands in REPORT window

quit [report.lst]
- finish, save REPORTs in the file

* <asterisk>
- comments

example: refox.mak

echo ON
i c:\test
o c:\test\branded
file anyname.exe
[set option=value]*
pw password
brand III
quit refox.log

example: refox.bat

@echo off
ReFox.exe @refox.mak

if errorlevel 1 goto ERROR
if errorlevel 0 goto SUCCESS

echo ReFox failed ...
type refox.log
exit /b 1

echo done ok
exit /b 0