datasend Seven steps to install ReFoxXII

1. download  ReFoxXII files

 (you receive the link for download after purchase)

- download and save the .zip archive to your local disk
- do not unpack it directly from the browser
- unblock the downloaded .zip archive

2. create new folder for ReFox (e.g. "C:\ReFox XII")

and unpack the archive

3. run setup program SET.ReFox.exe to install ReFox

 FIX for some possible problems


4. fill out your details in the form


fill out the field  'Serial Number' - you receive a unique s.n. after purchase
modify the fields 'User name' and 'Company' if necessary

after clicking [OK] ReFox prepares data for generating the activation key:

created data sample:

see ReFox.~~~ and files in your ReFox folder

5. send the data for generating the activation key


if sending automatically failed
please create and send the e-mail message now
copy the text of ReFox.~~~ to the e-mail message body
and the file send as an attachement

6. wait for sending the activation key back
this can take several hours depending on daytime

7. copy the activation key ReFox.key into ReFox folder
and run SET.ReFox.exe again

Copyright 1992-2015 by Jan Brebera, ComPro (CZ)
ReFox is a property of its author - Jan Brebera
Jan_Brebera is holder of all rights regarding ReFox