ReFox Help - level II

protection level II

WARNING - protection level II is irreversible !!!

Level II branding does not require any code insertions to be made. This level of branding requires that the Application and its distributed ESL or DLL (and ESO for DOS) file be branded together with the same password. This results in a branded Application file that will only run with these ESL files (and vice versa). Level II Branded files will subsequently not be recognized as FoxPro components and will be displayed by ReFox as normal binary files. When branding level II, a backup of the chosen ESL file will be made, named with a ~. Level II branded files cannot be recovered by ReFox. When distributing a Level II Branded application, ensure that the correctly branded ESL/DLL/ESO files are distributed with it. Important: Care must be taken to ensure that existing FoxPro systems are not affected by the change in the .ESL/.DLL. These would also have to branded or a separate ESL/DLL file maintained.


protection level II is supported for backward compatibility with older versions of FoxPro

for VFP 6 and higher level II+ or III is recommended


Makefile command - Brand 3 or II