ReFox Help - protection level I

protection I

This level requires that the FoxPro application code components requiring protection have the _REFOX_ variable declaration made within them.

If the main file of the FoxPro project has the _REFOX_ variable inserted and the application is branded, the application contents will not be able to be viewed or split by ReFox without first supplying the password. If the main file is not branded, ReFox will be able to view the component files and split those which are not branded along with VCX and SCX files which will also be exposed.

ReFox can add the relevant lines to marked source code files. While in the ReFox main screen, select the relevant source files and choose the function "Add _Refox_". A backup of the selected files will be made, named by replacing the first letter of the file extension with a ~.


level I must not be used with applications for VFP9

level I should be used with older versions of FoxPro only

for VFP 6 and higher versions level II+ or III is recommended

level I+ should be used instead if higher level is not possible

- see preparation

Makefile command - Brand 1 or Brand I